Dermatologist Dr. Loretta ~ The Vibrant Skin Keeper!

I had lunch with the beautiful, vivacious Dr. Loretta last month. I really like her philosophy on how to care for your skin.

“I believe you need to put your freshest face forward every day. The key though is to realize it’s products more than procedures that help your skin stay youthful, vibrant and resilient.”  — Dr. Loretta

Dr. Loretta

I agree.  Your skin can look vibrant for many many years, so long as you treat it with care.  I’ve been using the Age Change Collection and I must say that it is one of the best skincare systems that I’ve ever used. I am totally in love with the Age Change Body Lotion, Duo Cleanse, and the Age Change Face moisturizer; It’s very hydrating, lightweight and perfect for this time of year.  I am a HUGE eye treatment person; and Dr. Loretta has created an eye gel that is not watery, and absorbs quickly.

Dr. Loretta’s Age Change Treatment Line

The Age Change Collection is infused with advanced broad spectrum antioxidants and is the first to combat skin damage from airborne Nitrogen-producing toxins: car exhausts, smoke stacks, and third-hand smoke. It hydrates skin with skin firming peptides and a new highly effective skin brightener to remedy age spots and even skin tone.

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