Wellness Gone Wild!

From perming your lashes to cleansing your colon, it’s fun to be a spa addict…. and healthy too. Spa Week is just weeks away, and wellness has officially gone WILD. Watch Michelle Joni’s tell-all, show-all video of Spa Week Spring 2012: Wellness Gone Wild!

Spa Week this Spring is April 16-22, when millions across North America will frolic over to their favorite spas and indulge in full-service spa, wellness and beauty treatments for just $50 a piece. Don’t miss this most exhilarating spa experience! Find all $50 Spa Week listings on spaweek.com, and book your own week of wild wellness. It is recommended to book ASAP to get the best appointments Spa Week has to offer.

A few highlights: The prestigious Red Door Spas brings its highly coveted Spa Week services to 30 locations this season. At 12 stunning vacation-like exhale spa locations, they’re offering mind-body fitness class packages, facial peels and more. Hey moms – No babysitter? No problem! LifeSpa’s 79 locations offer 2 hours of FREE childcare with your Spa Week service. Feeling ready to SPA-rty? Celebrate Spa Week’s Sweet Sixteen with these 16 highly beneficial spa ingredients.

Also, get behind the scenes of Wellness Gone Wild; so THAT’S what it’s like to bring a video camera to the spa and film yourself getting a Vichy shower.