Relieve Sun Drenched Skin with DNAEGF Renewal

It’s time to soothe summer  skin from all of the harsh sun rays and drying chlorine. With more warm weather on the horizon your skin will be screaming for relief. Use DNA’s Defense SPF30+ and Intensive Renewal, which conveniently comes in travel size for all those summer vacations, to help your skin recover and reveal a healthy, glowing complexion.

Use Protection

DNA Defense SPF30+ is a lightweight, fast absorbing lotion that protects skin against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays to counter photoaging and cellular damage.

Revive and Hydrate Sun-Damaged Skin

DNA Intensive Renewal is a potent, yet lightweight cream with the highest level of DNA Repair Enzymes to target the skin’s natural DNA repair process. Encourages production of critical intercellular water channels for a visible surge in skin’s moisture levels. is a gentle, non-irritating foaming formula with mild exfoliation to thoroughly remove surface impurities, revealing clean, vibrant skin. Prior to leaving the gym, wash away sweat to reveal a fresh, clean, rejuvenated complexion.

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Photo and product information provided by Crier.