Dominique De Sentino ~ The Fashion Designer for Women

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing artist (she is also a painter and sculptor), and luxury fashion designer Dominique De Sentino.  A woman of great intelligence and spirit, De Sentino’s designs embody what I’d call pure womanism.   The clothes are feminine, glamorous, sexy, fun, classic and made well.  This line will probably entice you into wanting to play dress-up everyday.

Dominique De Sentino

“Life is serious, clothes should be fun.”  Dominique De Sentino

OCEAN ~ Summer 2010Dominique uses only the highest quality fabrics for her clothes.  The silks, knits and wools.  One look at her website and you’ll know right away that when your package arrives from UPS, you’re going to be very, very happy.  The showroom is located in Toronto and De Sentino is all about client service so, if you’re going to be in the area, call ahead and get yourself fitted for a lovely dress for dinner.

The line is available in high-end boutiques around the country and the price range is $250 to over 1k for coats and special occasion pieces.  To learn more about Dominique De Sentino, and to view the 2010~11 fall/winter collection, visit:

Please note that the 2010 Spring/Summer collection is not online.

Photos courtesy of Dominique De Sentino.