Interview with Eco~Designer Chrissy Wai-Ching

While doing research for my book, Absolute Style and Beauty due out this summer,  I came across eco~designer Chrissy Wai-Ching’s website, Chrissy is known for her sexy, whimsical wedding gowns.  In addition to wedding gowns, Wai-Ching  also designs kimonos, suits and some of the sexiest dresses I’ve seen in a long while.  And yes, I will be adding one of the dresses to my summer wardrobe!

Chrissy’s line is colorful, playful, edgy and body conscious.  I recently spoke with Chrissy about what inspires her and what can we expect for the summer.

Chrissy Wai-Ching

1. How’d you get started in fashion design?
Started doing fiber art pieces, first 2D, then sculptural pieces,
finally wearable art.

2. Where does your inspiration come from?
Nature, northwest scenery, women I meet, vintage fashion, textiles

3. Are you a part of the “Slow Fashion” movement?
Yes, we are handmaking and handdyeing everything start to finish and
everything is made to order, so it’s a very customized process.

4. Tell us about your spring~summer line? What can we look forward to?
layered dyeing techniques, exciting textures, more silk collaging, I’m
inspired right now by a retro future look (Blade runner meets

Zolotova Wedding Gown $1,989

5. Who are your clients?
Brides mostly.  Also customers that get separates (20’s and 30’s)
Women who are looking to wear something really different and express
themselves with a custom made piece of clothing.

6. What made you decide to create clothes that utilized
environmentally materials only?

I enjoy nature and feel that it’s a necessity to be environmentally
responsible.  It makes a statement, especially in a wedding gown.
Also, the eco fabrics are much more high quality and better to work with.

Xenia Wedding Gown $2,089

7. What would you tell an inspiring fashion designer?
Be authentic, follow your own vision.  Don’t be afraid to stand out,
that will give you an edge.  Don’t follow trends too closely.
8. How do you balance personal and professional time?
Depends on the season.
Since most of the work is bridal, I try to take more time to do fun
trips and activities in the down season and then feel refreshed to
really give it my all during the spring/summer.
Putting together a good system and production schedule is essential.

9. Is it safe to care for your clothes with Dryel?
Yes, Dryel works, and pieces can be spot treated with Woolite.
10. Will you ever create a clothing line for career women?
I don’t currently have plans to, but that may be in the cards for
Wai-Ching in the future.

Yowying Dress
Yowying Dress $695

To view the entire Wai-Ching line visit,