This is Rubber?

Angela Greene and Ken Kobrick have created a line of trendy and functional handbags that are not only eco~friendly but eco~chic as well!  The bags are made from old tractor trailer tires.  To create their signature look, Greene and Kobrick utilizes recycled leather for texture and to keep the bags lightweight, and  vegetable dye for color.  These luxury bags have become very popular with celebrities such as, Kimberly Elise, AnnaLynn McCord, Blair Underwood and Susan Sarandon to name a few.

The Scrunch On Sale now for $224.50

I love this bag! It’s trendy, classic, and chic.   And if you decide to go to the website,, to view and possibly order a handbag, and it’s sold out, send them an e-mail and they will be able to make you one so no worries!

The Scrunch

There are bags for all of the occasions in your life.  Prices range from $250 ~ $450.  But go there now and catch the sale!

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