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The spring season is within reach, and many of us are looking for ways to refresh, and enhance our appearance. Exercise, high quality supplements, and a well balance eating plan is the number one way to keep a youthful glow, and non-invasive cosmetic facial surgery is another.

The Liquid Facelift is gaining popularity as it has no downtime, and can be done on your lunch hour. The side effects may include bruising, or minimal swelling. Juvederm® XC is a Hyaluronic acid is the body’s own moisturizer, but diminishes with age. Thus, the skin wrinkling occurs due to the loss of internal water. Juvederm® is currently the only FDA approved filler, and the results last up to a year. For optimal results, Botox® may be used. Strategically using Botox® extends the life of the filler in areas of the face that show the most expression, such as the eyes, and between the brows.

The cost of the liquid lift ranges between $600.00 – $800.00 for the first injection, and $450.00 per injection thereafter.

Candidates for the Juvederm® rejuvenation facelift vary. Usually younger patients achieve the best results, but ultimately, it is the condition of the dermis, (connective tissue that makes up the elasticity in skin), that’s the conductor on how the results turn out. If the skin is extremely wrinkled, it is probably best to opt for a full surgical facelift.

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